Jodi and Randy Akau

Sharon has always been a supporter of our Kapolei Homestead Communities. From community clean-ups to passing out food during the pandemic, she is a true leader who supports our Native Hawaiian Community. She understands our needs and represents our values. We have always and continue to support her because she has stood with us from the beginning.

Lolita and Todd Takeda

Sharon has always been there for our community and continues to stand by West Oahu because her heart is with our people. This is why we have, and continue to vote for her.

Scott Stensrud

Sharon has always been a champion for our youth. She pushes bills that protect our kids and stands up to powerful lobbyists. She is not afraid to stand up for our keiki and community, which is why I have, and continue, to support her.

Raniele Reyes

I first approached Sharon as a high school student, hoping to explore local government and law. She hired me as an intern for her office and eventually, employed me full-time as I continued my studies at UH Mānoa. Sharon always seeks to mentor students from our community. Her years of guidance and mentorship have helped prepared me for my law school career. As a student from the West side, I can wholeheartedly say that Sharon invests in the academic and personal successes of our students. I will always support her and am proud to vote for her.

Tesha Malama
Ewa Villages

I have worked with Sharon for many years and know personally what a champion she is for the West side. She is smart and not afraid to stand up for our community’s needs. She is not a rubber stamper but a problem-solver who finds solutions. Whether she secures funding for our community or stands up on bills that do not represent our values, she is a leader. She will continue to be a champion for Ewa Villages. I am proud to support her.

Al Simbahon
Ewa Villages

I first met Sharon when we were planning the 130th Ewa Plantation celebration. We needed assistance from government for the planning and set up and Sharon stepped right in to kokua. She genuinely cares in making a difference and has made a difference for people from the West side. She will continue to be a strong voice for Ewa Villages which is why I support her.

Dick May

I first moved to Hawaii in 1967 and have been a Kapolei resident since 1996. I have known Sharon for almost that entire period.  I have been very pleased with her work on our behalf as constituents.  On a personal level, I am convinced that we as a nation, and Hawaii as a State, need to get beyond the simultaneous drift to left and right, with polarized politicians and polarized citizens becoming ever less willing to work together across the aisle, whether inter-party or intra-party.  Sharon has impressed me by her willingness to see all sides of an issue, to take the pulse of her constituents, and to work, not only cooperatively, but also collaboratively, to pass needed legislation that positively impacts our lives.  My views are shaped by my long career as a military officer and subsequent careers in two major corporations, in addition to my public service and philanthropy.  I may be either left or right of center on a given issue, but I believe that reasoned discussion to achieve the best available solution is what we need.  Sharon has taken just such an approach in our legislature, putting the public good first, and we are much the better for that.  She has my continued support.”

Mike, Jeannine, Micah, Moriah, Malia, Aiden and Marie Wong

We have known Sharon for over two decades and can vouch for her character, integrity, passion and love for our community. She puts people before politics and is never afraid to stand up for what is best for the people of the West side. We will always support her because she is a strong voice for West Oahu.

Daniel Luke and Kimo Figueroa
Kaupea and Kanehili

Sharon represents working families and is a strong voice for our community. She is smart, passionate and real. We have supported her since her first race and continue to support her because we know she is a proven leader for our Native Hawaiian beneficiaries and for all of West Oahu.