Sharon Har for Assembly District 42

“I’m running for Assembly District 60 because I want to represent the hard-working, diverse, and wonderful people of the Inland Empire. I’ve been fighting for working-class families my whole career, and now I’m ready to fight for them in Sacramento.” – Sharon Har


Economic Development

  • Expand upward economic mobility for all workers and ensure improved wages and working conditions for workers in all sectors.

  • Increase workforce development initiatives and create pipelines for career pathways for high school students and young adults to obtain good paying sustainable jobs.

Public Education

  • Ensure accessible and fully funded quality public and higher education institutions for all students

Protect the Environment

  • Develop a model green economy for the Inland region.
  •  Improve our air quality and ensure we meet our climate goals by working with all sectors, including labor, to bring workers and the entire community into the conversation and build solutions.

Affordable Healthcare

  • Support initiatives that work towards creating an accessible and affordable healthcare system for all Californians.